Advanced Growth and Scaling

  • The technology used in scaling businesses
  • When it’s time to upgrade your software
  • How to handle growing pains
  • And which experts to call on and when

What technology helps with growth and scaling?

  1. CRMs — A CRM, or customer relationship management program, keeps track of your perspective and existing clients. A good CRM does not come in shape, but when you consider its long-term benefits and the time saved, the investment pays off. Many CRM such as Salesforce and Hubspot let you integrate your marketing team to work closely with insights from sales.
  2. Email automation — How many of the same kinds of emails do you send out a day? Templates may work on a small scale, but when you’re sending out tens or hundreds of emails at a time, it doesn’t make sense to perform an identical task manually. Email automation lets you consider your contacts’ specific needs while sending information faster. Speed improves the overall customer experience.
  3. Reporting software — As your business grows, you will generate more and more data that is indispensable to your future projects. This data can help you evaluate how much time it takes to close a sale, the overall cost to acquire a new customer, and what your most and least efficient processes are. Look for visual interfaces and sharable reports.
  4. Human resources software — As your team grows, you’ll need better human resource management tools. Human resource management software can help you visualize benefits, hiring, and training for your team.
  5. Document management software — It’s not uncommon for small teams to have documents that live on one employee’s computer. This method seemingly works until they change departments, experience tech issues, or train somebody new. Spend some time researching document management systems that can grow with your team’s needs and includes cloud storage, so documents don’t get lost or accidentally deleted.

How to tell when you need to upgrade software

  • There are frequent mistakes in your data
  • Your team grew significantly
  • Your customer satisfaction is dropping
  • You need to increase leads for sales
  • It’s taking more time to complete your processes than it had before
  • You’re finding it challenging to complete all the tasks needed to run your business

Challenges to adding software

How to address growth and scaling problems

1. Your team isn’t using the technology

2. Your team isn’t invested

3. Your customers’ needs changed

4. Your plan is not performing as expected

5. An unexpected event changes the market

Which experts can help with growth and scaling?

  • You’re developing a plan for growth
  • You have a plan and are ready to implement it
  • Your current strategy isn’t performing as expected
  • You found a new opportunity you want to take

Closing thoughts



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